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see jane on hln 7:00 p.m. eastern. and tomorrow regina king is my co-host and emmy rossum stops by tomorrow. bye-bye everyone. shark attacks on the rise. what scientists say this means for the future. new details about the manhunt for a former l.a.p.d. officers and where investigators are now looking. and one of the oldest olympic sports dropped from the
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2020 games -- at noon.
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this is unacceptable. i don't understand this. >> residents outraged after an oakland neighborhood is targeted again by arsonists. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. a quiet east bay neighborhood has been the target of a serious crime where several cars were burned. new at noon, ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from oakland to explain what's happened there now. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this is the tree set on fire just a few weeks ago. just a few yards up the street here, this is the tree set on fire last night. there was a car parked here. it caught fire as well. residents say someone is intentionally setting trees on fire and that has them worried about what will happen next
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about two weeks ago, someone set these trees on fire on nicole street. this is cell phone video. in that fire, several cars and power lines were damaged. last night, two more trees were set on fire, one in the front and the other on the side. we spoke to a man who heard the commotion. >> the first thing i see when i step out is just flames around my car. you see my car. the only car parked there. it was too late. i couldn't do anything to move the car or anything. i just stood there and watched until the firefighters come in and started spraying the trees. >> reporter: lieu iz hernandez says -- lewis hernandez has no idea how much this is gonna cost him. some were not so lucky after the tree fires completely gutted their cars. many in the neighborhood said they are concerned about possibility of a serial arsonist. >> yeah. i was very surprised it happened again last night.
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as a matter of fact when it happened a week ago, i was sleeping and didn't hear anything. for it to happen again, that's scary. >> reporter: some are calling for the building owner of the apartment to add surveillance cameras. other things they know who it might be and say they have been in touch with oakland police. this woman says she was one of the first to spot the fire. >> i was scared it was gonna burn the wires out again. you know what i mean? last time they burned the wires and we were without electricity until 12:30 -- from 12:30 in the night until 7:00 in the morning. >> reporter: these trees are super tall. once they get going, they emit a lot of heat. some of the cars that we watched here are also slightly damaged. not quite as bad as the cars parked here. oakland police say they need your help. if you know anything to call them. live in oakland, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. firefighters in contra costa county are investigating
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an early-morning apartment fire. it broke out at about 7:00 this morning on tyoga road. the fire started in an upstairs unit in a building with eight apartments. people in the building and nearby units evacuated. in one was injured. but one unit was detroited and two others damage -- destroyed and two others damaged. the red cross is helping those in the units. the cause of the fire is being investigated. firefighters say it may have started in the fireplace. one person was injured in the tenderloin neighborhood when a vick clipped a utility hole -- vehicle clipped a utility hole. it happened in front of the k and s market. it spilled fruits and vegetables on the pavement. no word on what caused the accident or the condition of the injured man. a teenager struck by a car is still recovering in the hospital this noontime. the 14-year-old was walking to basketball practice yesterday afternoon when he was hit at
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the intersection of solano way and grant street. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live from children's hospital in oakland with an update on the teen's condition. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: i spoke with the boy's mom a short time ago. she told me in addition to a traumatic brain injury that he suffered yesterday, the boy also has several broken bones in his legs. he remains in critical condition here at children's hospital in oakland. the boy's mom tells me she's frankly frustrated by what happened because her son was in a crosswalk. for the family of 14-year-old joey hornsby, it's a waiting game. it will be another three days before doctors take him out of a medically induced coma. >> they won't be able to tell me if there's brain damage until the swelling comes down and they bring him out of the coma. >> reporter: she says her son has severe swelling on his brain after yesterday's crash. a car slammed into the teen as he was crossing solano way on grant street in concord.
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he was in the crosswalk. >> saying all of the prayers in the world. hopefully he will be better soon. >> reporter: concord police say the woman who hit hornsby was cooperative. investigators say she was not speeding and was not under the influence. and the driver was not taken into custody. >> that kind of infuriates me. she hit somebody. my son can't walk away from this. i don't know the out couple of my son. and -- outcome of my son. and she's at home. >> reporter: hornsby was walking to basketball practice at mt. diablo high school when the accident happened. we watched his teammates praying for him last night at the school. tancriti said this has always been a dangerous street to cross because drivers don't always stop for pedestrians. she hopes the city will put in stop signs here. >> it's not well set up and it's not safe for anybody. >> reporter: and i talked briefly this morning with a spokesperson from the city of concord. she told me she didn't have any
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information about plans for safety improvement measures at that interparticular intersection. in the meantime, this boy's mom is praying he can make a full recovery and also hoping the driver who hit her son will be charged. a lieutenant with the concord police department would only tell me this morning that she expects this investigation will take some time. live this afternoon in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ail lengt -- alex. a 30-year-old man is in the hospital after being shot by richmond police. it happened around 5:00 yesterday afternoon on nevin and b street. neighbors reported seeing an armed man walking in the street. when officers arrived, they found the armed man and shot him. it's still unclear if the suspect shot at the officers. the officers involved have been as the investigation continues. in antioch, a stray bullet injured a woman standing in her own home. this happened around 6:00 last night. police say the bullet came from someone who was shooting at a
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car on sycamore drive about a half block away. the bullet went through a window and a wall in an upstairs bedroom and then hit the woman in the arm. police say the -- police say the wound appears to be minor. farmers insurance has changed its policy regarding lie intercoverage for dog bites. starting a month ago, customers have been required to sign waivers excluding pit bulls, rottweilers. investigators say these account for 25% of claims. dawn owners say it's not fair to target specific breeds and the company should do a risk assessment on individual dogs. governor brown was in oakland this morning to talk about the bick picture for housing in california -- the big picture for housing in california. the governor and ceo of bank of america took part in the summit
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on the housing future. the governor says his goal is to help make the market for buyers and sellers, more stable, affordable and green. >> the policy in california is to link housing with transportation, make it energy efficient, we have to worry about the quality of the schools. >> the governor pointed to his initiative as oakland's mayor to bring more housing downtown as an example of his goals for the state. the event was hosted by the business school. bubba paris has been charged with failing to file his tax returns. the department of justice says paris failed to file his returns from 2006 to 2008. he now faces three misdemeanor charges. each carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and $100,000 fine. paris was an analyst for ktvu during this nfl season. we spoke to him minutes ago. he said he had no comment. during tonight's state of
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the union address, president obama is expected to announce he's bringing some u.s. troops  home. according to a source close to the president, mr. obama will announce, the return of 34,000 u.s. troops from afghanistan. they are expected to come home in exactly one year marking the next phase of the president's plan to end the war in afghanistan by 2014. the president is also expected to talk about immigration reform, reducing gun violence and job creation. >> the president's principal preokay pation since he ran for office has been what we need to do to make our economy work for the middle class. >> marco rubio will deliver his address after president obama's. it will be in english and spanish. you can watch the state of the un yin address right here on --
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union address right here starting at 6:00. then at 7:30, we'll break down the president's speech with randy shandobil. earlier, france's lower house of parliament approved the bill to legalize gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children. the bill pushed by the country's socialists now goes to the senate where it's expected to pass. if that happen, france would join about a dozen other nations that grant marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples. new details about the manhunt for a suspected killer, christopher dorner. it's sunny today. but what will the rest of the week look like? steve paulson will have your forecast. and a new report about shark attacks finding california near the top of the list.
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los angeles police say they've received more than 1,000 tips as they continue to manhunt dash the manhunt for christopher dorner -- continue theman hunt for christopher dorner -- continue the manhunt for christopher dorner. here's more. >> reporter: according to court
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records, chris dorner has a friend with the initials jc who may have helped provide him safe haven while he was on the run and possibly helped him escape. there is a jy identified in his manifesto as a jason young, he refers to him as a good friend and mentor. well, young's parents have a cabin in big bear near where dorner had set fire to his truck last thursday. well, about four hours after that, the marshal's office saw young in costa mesa, about 60 miles south of big bear, suggesting that young could have actually helped dorner escape off that mountain to another vehicle. now, police are not commenting specifically but they are stuck with several undesirable scenarios. such as this -- number one, dorner is, number one, still in big bear, either dead with a gunshot wound or hiding. so the search must go on there. secondly, he could be in l.a. stalking victims. that means that expensive
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detail must stay in place or finally he could be headed to mexico. meaning the full investigation must continue. in fact, last note they served a search warrant at a -- night they served a search warrant in tijuana. he was not there. as long as he remains free, chief beck says the investigation must continue and that means the price tag continues to build. just underscore how far back we are, just today, l.a.p.d. told residents to check their own home surveillance to see if between thursday and today if there was any sign of dorner or a vehicle that he might be riding in on their own surveillance tapes. now, we said the reward is a million dollars. that's brought in a thousand tips as people call in saying they may see him, may not, where he might be. we expect that to increase already by $100,000 by the l.a. city council. the l.a. board of supers and the riverside board of supers add
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$100,000. so the reward could be 1.3 million by the end of the week. the international community is reacting to north korea's third test of a nuclear device. the u.n. security council gathered for an emergency meeting and condemned the act. the underground test triggered an earthquake that measured about 5.0. it was done ducted against orders by the u.n. to stop all atomic activity or face more sanctions. >> the test is a clear and grave violation of the resolutions of the security council. together with the rest of the international community, i have repeatedly called on the due leadership of pyongyang to give up nuclear weapons. >> the white house responded saying the move by north korea is a highly provocative act that threatens international peace. president obama is expected to talk about north korea's nuclear test during tonight's state of the union address.
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witnesses said it sounded like a war zone in a vallejo neighborhood. dozens of gunshots rang out on eastwood street last night, five people were shot. one of them has died from his injuries. tara moriarty has new information on what may have sparked the violence. >> reporter: distraught family members arrived back to the home this morning. >> i just moved here like a month ago. there's been a whole bunch of ruckus going on ever since. >> reporter: neighbors say a group of people in their 20s were hanging out in the garage drinking and playing music when they heard dozens of shots before 8:30 last night. >> it was -- it sounded like baghdad, you know. >> reporter: bullet casings littered the street. >> i'm sitting in my live room with my kid and you hear multiple shots. you know, the only thing i could do was grab my kid and get him down because i didn't know where the bullets were flying. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation told ktvu that at least one car drove up, some people got out and started firing. striking a 22-year-old man seven times in the upper torso. he later died at the hospital
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and another man went to the hospital with life-threatening wounds. >> as officers were en route, they were called by local area hospitals indicating that -- indicating that -- [inaudible] >> reporter: several people went to the hospital with burnt wound. they are not cooperating with the police. >> my friend talked to them and they said they are having problems with somebody. >> reporter: this is vallejo's second homicide of the year and the second one to happen in a week. police are not releasing many details about the sheeting. but wu -- shooting. but we spoke to the uncle of the victim who died and he says he believes this was the result of a gang. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose's casino matrix is taking its battle to court. the casino filed a lawsuit last week saying the city's
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unreasonable and unlawful conditions delayed the business by opening for four months. the lawsuit also claims one city official gave other rival casinos preferential treatments because he's a consultant. the number of shark attacks in the u.s. last year reached the highest level in ten years. that's according to richers at the university of -- researchers at the university of florida who say there were 53 attacks. florida had 26 attacks. hawaii, 10. california had five shark attacks last year, including one that was fatal. researchers say as water recreation grows, we should expect to see increases to shark encounters. well, had some fog this morning. that brought a little bit of a cooler pattern here. most of the fog has been pushed out to sea. it's sunny. temperatures are down about 5, 6 degrees compared to yesterday. there's that little bit of fog hanging on. it looks like on the mendocino
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coast. northern sonoma coast. we had a push and that burned off fast. by about 9:00, it held off. probably be back tonight into recall to. high pressure, though, large and in charge, says i'm not going anywhere any time soon except for a few high clouds, everything continues to go up and over and diving into the middle of the country. our forecast headlines called for a lot of sunshine today but a little bit cooler. yesterday, we had some upper 60s. santa rosa, napa and downtown oakland hit 68. that will not happen today. tomorrow, more of the same. fog, sun but then the extended on thursday and friday look warmer. highs in the upper 60s and i think low 70s. still no sign of any rain as you can see. high pressure just says i will deflect everything to the north except for a few occasional high clouds. if you remember last friday, we did have a little bit of rain. our little bit of a rain has turned into a whopper of a system. snow in oklahoma city, 1 to had. er -- 1 to 4. there was about 9 inches in the texas panhandle. that little guy picked up a lot
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of oomph and is producing a lot of weather. 50s on the temperatures. we had low 30s this morning. had even cooler temperatures by the coast. now almost everyone is close here. about 53, 54, 55. a little more running at 57. concord is 53. still a compoint -- component offshore. the fog is going offshore. same for palo alto. sunny, nice. a little cooler, coast and bay. but everyone in on the sunshine. highs will be far enough away you don't have any influence on that fog and cooler pattern. still a lot of upper kings, even from oakland, which was -- 60s today, even from oakland which is down considerably. it's still sunny and nice just not as warm. the south bay, it's 63 in blossom hill. san jose, 64. that's 2 recall waker than yesterday. upper 50s on the coast. but a little bit more in the way of lower 60s on the peninsula. not much change on wednesday
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and then we warm it up thursday into friday. friday will be warmer. and then the weekend, still good. but a little cooler on sunday. >> hard to believe it's february. >> i know. i know. >> 70s there. >> i know. >> thank you. >> you bet. organizers released details of the bike race route this morning. the am jen tour will start in escondido -- the amgen tour will start in escondido. the race ends may 19th with the final stage from san francisco to santa rosa. wrestling is no longer an olympic event. the international olympic committee decided to drop one of the oldest olympic sports from the 2020 games. the olympic committee cites declining interest. the elimination makes way for the committee to add a new
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support to the olympic program later -- sport to the olympic program this year. we're watching the dowed. and a new item to the bay area.
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in tonight's state of the union address, investors will listen closely for any clues on a deal with republicans to avert automatic spending cuts due to take effect march 1st.
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stocks edging closer to record levels. the dow's record closed. 14,164. that was back in october of 2 007. it's back -- 2007. it's back up above 14,000. a new vegan burrito is being offered at seven bay area restaurants. the new item is being called sofritos. it uses tofu instead of meat. chipotle hopes to give people who don't eat meat another reason to come into its stores. and happy fat tuesday. the celebration is yell underway in new orleans. mardi gras's traditionally celebrated the day before ash wednesday. 1million people are expected to take part in the festivities. today at 5:00 on the news, is it really your ticket to ride? what we've uncovered about a growing crime targeting
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consumers looking for a good deal on b.a.r.t. tickets. thank you for trusts ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and we're always here for you at [this broadcast captioned by erin c. mcclure]

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